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My Must-Have Trend Pieces this Fall/Winter 2021

I believe it’s no secret that fall is everybody’s favorite season for fashion. With temperatures not too high – so that you simply want to stay in your bikini all day at the pool – but also not too low – so that you simply want to wrap yourself in a blanket and not leave the house – there comes a plethora of outfit combinations that you can explore. Yes, it’s that time to be experimental and creative, especially when it comes to layering. No need to compromise between your favorite camisole and your chunky knit, as it’s the combination that creates the perfect look. Plus, who doesn’t love those warm earth tones that blend in so beautifully with the changing colors of the leaves of the trees?

My love declaration for autumn is obvious, but what I really want to share with you today are my favorite trend pieces this fall/winter 2021 season. In collaboration with NA-KD I am showing you some key pieces or “must-haves” that should not be missing in your wardrobe this (but also next!) seasons – as you should know, I do not buy pieces for one season only. For me it’s important that I can make long-term value out of the garments I buy. Anyway, let’s hit it off!

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Tigha becomes Young Poets Society and encourages Curiosity and Creativity

Young Poets Society

Hey friends,

today I would like to introduce you to a new brand – or to be precise a rebranded brand – and show you one of my favorite looks from their first collection. The founders of the back-then brand Tigha were on a mission to create the best leather jackets, and this is eventually what they became known for for the last decade. But as we know, times are changing rapidly and so are consumers needs and tastes. Companies that wake up too late to respond to these changes will find themselves left behind. And that’s why Tigha decided to evolve into Young Poets Society.

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Where to stay in Zurich – 25Hours Hotel Langstrasse

25Hours Hotel Zurich Langestrasse

Born and raised in Germany in a little village, I always had to urge to visit far places and explore what is out there. Ironically, I used to be blind to see that beauty can be just around the corner. I didn’t explore much of Germany nor of close or “similar” countries like Switzerland or Austria. Now I know that every country is unique, and I can certainly not put all German-speaking countries into one bucket. This is why last weekend I decided to make my first visit to Zurich, Switzerland. I stayed at the 25Hours Hotel in Langstrasse and very soon discovered that it is the place to be in Zurich! Because the 25Hours Hotel is not only a Hotel, but it is an artistic silo that offers an amazing restaurant, a cool bar, and a little shop that sells all kinds of random fun stuff.

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A Wellness Weekend in Hotel Resort & Spa Miramonte in Italy

Resort Spa Miramonte

I am definitely a big-city girl, but on some days, things just get too overwhelming in the city. It is loud, it is crowded, you do not manage to get a moment of calmness and you just feel suffocated. This is so moment, where you just want to jump on a train or in a car and drive far out into the nature. However, the reason why I was drawn to the Hotel Resort & Spa Miramonte was a different one: After months of being locked up in quarantine at home, I was missing the feeling of freedom. I wanted to escape my own four walls and go high up a mountain and watch the endless horizon.

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New IPhone Accessories Obsessions

popsocket handyhülle

Do you remember the days in which people had different kinds of phones? Nokia, Motorola, Sony Ericsson… in all kinds of colours! Even though there were always some „Must Haves“, there was still some variety on the market. These days, however, the phone market is so consolidated it seems as if it’s only a matter of Apple IPhone vs. Samsung Galaxy. To me, having the same thing as everybody else is boring: Definitely in terms of fashion, but actually in many aspects of life I dont like to get captured by the mass and conform to group pressures. If everybody starts wearing purple, I would try to avoid it. However, I still think that we can and should not completely avoid it.  We are more similar than we might think and going against the stream just for the sake of it might not be the best option anyway. So let’s face it – we all have the same phone… but… we can all have different phone cases to spice things a little bit up, right?

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One Weekend in Ibiza with OneVillasIbiza in October

Temperatures started to drop. Summer was slowly coming to an end. I was already preparing to adapt my closet to winter time and say goodbye to summer 2019… but then I received the invitation to prolong the summer – I was invited to Ibiza by OneVillasIbiza! The switch back to a summer mindset was as easy as expected and I couldn’t say anything else but “I’m in!”. Let me tell you a little bit more about this company and my stay in Ibiza at Villa Can Xumeu den March

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Goodbye Wrinkly Clothes: In Paris with Laurastar


Only a few days before I had to leave Milan to go back to Copenhagen, I received a super interesting Mail from Laureline, who works at Laurastar. She invited me over to come to Paris in order to test one of their most popular products – the Laurastar Lift – a portable steaming station! I immediately thought „they must have seen my InstaStory in which I totally went crazy dancing while ironing my shirts the other day!“. Whether it was a funny coincidence or not, let me tell you now a little bit about that event and of course about the steaming station, which is a total multitalent!

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