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The colorful wrap shirt from Zara / or bye, bye Berlin!

wrap shirt zara

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It all seems like this post will be about this colorful wrap shirt from Zara, but actually there is so much going on in my life at the moment, I thought it would be good to write it down in a blog post – for all of you that don’t follow me on instagram/story, cause there I basically keep you updated every day.

Yesterday I left Berlin. Probably many of you didn’t even know me „before Berlin“, but actually I only lived in Berlin for 11 months. Continue Reading

Event Thoughts

#AvedaCleanWater – Make a Difference during Earth Month 2017

Loves, today I want to share a somewhat different kind of post with you – one that is more serious yet very inspirational on a much higher and more important dimension than fashion. As you know, I’ve been working with AVEDA for half a year now and the more I learn about their company the more I am extremely happy about being some sort of brand ambassador – read more about my first experience with Aveda here and here. Continue Reading

Outfit Thoughts

A Calm and Warm New Year’s Eve 2017

New Year's Eve 2017

Every year we go through the same struggle – NYE is approaching and we need to figure out what to do. Preferably it should be something like „going to the best party of the year“. Easy. No pressure. This New Year’s Eve 2017, however, is different for me. There is no party without friends right? Haha, not saying that I dont have any friends, but at this very moment me and all my friends are simply so spread out all over the world that it would be impossible to come together. And yes, it sucks – but I guess that is how it is after graduating. Everyone goes his or her way… But honestly, we all know that New Year’s Eve is never, never, never the best party of the year. So I am not really missing out anyway.

My New Year’s Eve 2017 is going to be great anyway. I will be celebrating with my parents after not having done this for more than 5 years or so. In fact, I will be hanging around with them and their friends at a rented space with loads of food and Arabic music.  Doesn’t sound too bad right? Since I’ve been traveling so much and lived here and there in 2016 it’s actually great to spend those special days with my family.

Anyway, the pictures we took today are different from my usual style of pictures – Samira and Laura from Samieze (Check out their blog!) and I went to this vintage Pub in Berlin called „Damensalon“ and took some pictures there. I barely do indoor shoots and never use the flash, but doing exactly that seemed to be perfect for this look and the feel we wanted to create. How do you like them?

// I’m Wearing:
Top – ZARA
Choker – Topshop
Jeans – ZARA
Jacket – No Name

New Year's Eve 2017 New Year's Eve 2017 New Year's Eve 2017 New Year's Eve 2017


Let Memories be Memories

memories be memories

This is a somewhat more personal post, but I just wanted to write down some thoughts about a topic that is keeping me busy lately. You must know, I’m an overthinker when it comes to certain aspects. However, I’m not making things necessarily more complicated, I just like to think through them.

The heading says „Let Memories be Memories“ – it’s a conclusion I made that fits into a lot of situations in life. Let me give you a current example of my life.

I studied International Business at Maastricht University. Getting there in the first place, was not that easy for me. Fighting for your own will when your parents had planned a completely different life for you. Knowing that eventually the support was there, but the acceptance was missing. I had to prove that I made the right decision, whereby the hardest to convince was myself. It took time and the realization that I was good at what I am doing and that it made me happy. This decision had helped to grow, which is why I will always connect my time in Maastricht to the time I learned so much about myself and what I wanted in life. But Maastricht was so much more. The people I met, the many conversations I had, the countless parties I went to – I wasnt only forced to step out of my social comfort zone, I also had to give up the image I had of myself; the image people in high school had about me, that I simply believed. And then there were simply the careless fun times, getting out there no matter what and not wasting any second. Maastricht was good to me. It was so good to me that I know for a fact it would not be the same if I went back again for a Master’s Degree. I’m afraid of messing with my memories. I’m afraid that I would be trying to get back the time I had and then failing at it. I decided to let memories be memories and move on.

I believe this applies to so many situations in life, to any kind of good memories you have – let it be a relationship with a person, a travel destination you loved or whatever. You will never feel the same way as in your first time, even if everything seems the same. Sometimes you have to give up on a person, even if you had a deep connection with him or her. Accept the end of something and keep the good memories rather than to force something that is not there anymore.  Don’t ruin your memories, dont let the present interfere with your past.

memories be memories

Outfit Thoughts

My supercool Fringe Jacket in the Late Autumn Sunshine

fringe jacket

Autumn – you either have sunshine and its extremely freezing or it rains and it’s kinda warmer. Just like the weather trades off sunshine and temperature, almost everything in life is about trade-offs. If you go for the one thing, you have less or even cannot have the other at all anymore. In very seldom, and very lucky cases, you can actually say that you can have both. I feel like every positive thing in your life also comes with a negative side to it. Think about it. Even the most desired things in life like money and love do have downsides, and those are just as extreme as the positive aspects to them. Give me tons of money so I can buy everything I desire, only to make me realize that it does not make me happy after all. Give me the love goggles and the feeling of being the only one, just to make me realize that the tiniest thing that person does could potentially hurt me severely. So… does that mean I should not go for big cash and deep love if I could? That would be quite irrational, wouldn’t it…  I believe we should go for it, but at the same time be aware of its downsides. If we are aware about what we are trading off or what we are risking with one decision, we will hopefully be less surprised when the negative aspects surface and and the same time we can put all our energy into the positive side. Yes, I know that more money will not make me a happier person, but it will open up new opportunities which might lead to something big. Yes, the person I love will make me more vulnerable, but I’ll find a way to deal with that and still know that the positive feelings overweigh. Trading off is not a bad thing, it only makes us more conscious about our possibilities.

// I’m Wearing:
Fringe Jacket – Old (dont remember …)
Top – Gina Tricot
Jeans – Topshop
Shoes – Steve Madden


Liquid Lipstick / Booties / Watch / Liquid Lipstick / Jacket / Top

fringe jacket fringe jacket fringe jacket fringe jacketfringe jacket fringe jacket fringe jacketfringe jacketsteve madden steve madden bootied

Outfit Thoughts

Autumn Favorites: Grey Overknees meet Red Coat

Overknees Konstantin Starke Grau

You guys know by now how much I like to think about certain trends. Although you cant really consider overknees a „trend“ anymore and in my opinion have become an autumn essential, there is still something controversial about them – at least from a societal point of view.

Over the last years we are seeing more and more women wearing overknees, but still I feel like society cant really deal with it yet. Let me explain to you what I mean by claiming that. Well, I clearly see how people keep staring at my legs every time I wear mine… and I’ve heard that from a lot of girls wearing overknees. People would not do so if we wore sneakers, right? There are many reasons why people stare and most of the time it’s because they see something extraordinary or odd; something that does not fit the status quo. But overknees are not really a new and unusual trend – So what’s the deal?  Unfortunately society still misinterprets some types of clothing. A widespread belief is that women dress up to impress men, but true fashionistas only care about fashion, the designs, the material, the composition, the art. Do you really think a Chiara Ferragni wears a short skirt with the aim to look sexy? It’s a pity but I feel like overknees also kind of fall into this „mini-skirt-scheme“. Honestly, I do not care about what people think about my clothes, but I always try to avoid sending the wrong signals to the – lets say mostly fashion-ignorant majority of people. So in order to dampen the effect, I always try to combine my grey overknees with something more casual and comfy, like this oversized knit, a long coat and stockings. It’s really sad that some clothes carry a certain negative connotation and that people think in stereotypes. Although I am always pro challenging the status quo, it still kinda intimidates me when many people stare at me. However, you can only fight stereotypes if you work against them and not by adjusting to people’s narrow mindsets and comfort zones.

I’m Wearing:
Red Coat – ZARA
Pullover – EDITED
Grey Overknees – Konstantin Starke via Zumnorde
Leather Skirt – Mango


Boots / Coat / Bag / Lipstick / Skirt / Watch / Pullover

Overknees Konstantin Starke Grau
Overknees Konstantin Starke Grey Overknees Konstantin Starke Grau
Overknees Konstantin Starke Grau

Red Coat Overknees Konstantin Starke Grey
Overknees Konstantin Starke Grey

Overknees Konstantin Starke GrauRed Coat

Outfit Thoughts

Thoughts | New City Vibes – Sunsets in Berlin

Berlin Sunset

The moment you enter a room full of strangers, or the moment you get to meet a new person. The moment you wake up in a different city, or the moment you realize that you are far away from home. These moments come with an instant evaluation from your feelings. I dont like him. I feel uncomfortable. I think I am just right where I am. We could become good friends. And of course we believe in what we are feeling, even if these feelings are based on no valid premises whatsoever. They are based on the atmosphere, or the chemistry that we cannot define but are floating around in the air. We do not know why we feel that way. As in many situations the mind and the heart might be telling you different things – so who wins? I guess in the beginning it might seem like a clear win for our gut feeling, but then there comes a mediator into the game: time. With time we tend to reflect and listen more to our mind – we become more rational and start to doubt our feelings. Maybe I should give him a second chance. I dont need to feel that way. There is actually something good about this place. First impressions should not be our final ones. They might mislead us. But in the fight between the mind and the heart there is no clear winner, because sometimes our feelings are right from the start, time is not able to turn things around. But we can only know if we do not close ourselves right from the beginning.

Berlin. Full of excitement I moved to Berlin a bit more than one month ago. Reality hit me when I moved into my new apartment in Friedrichshain – one of the so-called „scene places“. This is how it looked to me: It’s dirty, there is graffiti, punks and homeless people everywhere. After coming from Maastricht and Sydney, I was not used to that anymore. No feeling of safetly – my gut feeling told me I hate Berlin already. Give it time, you will learn to love Berlin. It’s different. – that’s what people told me. So I tried. I tried to control my quick judgments and explore more of Berlin, to find the places and atmosphere I like. What can I tell you now? Berlin and I are not best friends yet, but this feeling of alienation and uncomfortableness is slowly diminishing. The only thing Im unsure about right now is whether it is because time made me get used to the circumstances or time made me rationally reflect about my situation and feelings. We’ll see.


I’m Wearing:
Sleeveless Blazer – H&M (old; similar here or here)
Shorts – Vintage + DIY (similar here)
Sandals – Birkenstock Gizeh Fringe



denim_shorts_diy denim-shorts-summer blazer_berlin birkenstock_gizeh_fringe2 curly_hair_sunset2 curly_hair_sunset longblazer sun_berlin berlin_denim sunset_summer_berlin gizeh_fringe_birkenstock

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A semester abroad in Sydney has come to an end

semester abroad in sydney

I have not posted about my semester abroad in Sydney at all during my whole stay. I usually would apologize for being such a lazy blogger but to be honest, I think its legitimate if I say that I just did not want to waste any time sitting at the laptop writing posts when there was so much to explore outside. But now that my adventure has come to an end and I am leaving back home tomorrow, I feel like I need to write down some thoughts while they are still fresh.
There will be 2-3 more detailed posts about my semester abroad and everything I have done here and of course at least one video! Since I will have one month at home filled with doing literally nothing, this is for sure not an empty promise.


So, how does it feel leaving this place, which used to mean nothing to me and now is filled with plenty of memories?

Well, it’s is so difficult to describe it, that I will just have to go with… It’s weird! But let me tell you something that might help you understand. I spent the last couple of days in Sydney the same way I spent my first days here – just walking through the city with no plan where I’m going. However, this time it was different, it was more conscious. During my first strolls through the city I was impressed by the main sights; the Opera House, the Harbor Bridge and all the touristic must-sees. Excitement was huge and the story was yet to be written. During my last ones, I paid attention to way more details of my surroundings. Sydney is more than just the major attractions – its beauty is reflected in many more aspects. It might just be that one building at the corner of the street, or the cute coffee place located where nobody would expect it, or that flower booth in the center of the business district, or that amazing musician in the inner city, or…, or… But apart from all these things that create this lovely atmosphere, it is the memories that make Sydney so unique and special to me. The activities I’ve done, the people I met, the moments I will never forget. Walking through the streets, random memories kept popping up in my head. Memories that made me realize how quickly time passed, while at the same time realizing how much I became part of the city and that I am not a tourist anymore.

Home. Home is where the heart is they say – and as much as I love Sydney, my heart is where my family and friends are. I am happy to say that I have made most of my time here and that I have not wasted a single minute. It is time to go home and yea, I am ready to leave. But I know, I will return one day.