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#AvedaCleanWater – Make a Difference during Earth Month 2017

Loves, today I want to share a somewhat different kind of post with you – one that is more serious yet very inspirational on a much higher and more important dimension than fashion. As you know, I’ve been working with AVEDA for half a year now and the more I learn about their company the more I am extremely happy about being some sort of brand ambassador – read more about my first experience with Aveda here and here.

So, why am I so happy about that? Well, AVEDA does not only do amazing things to your hair, it also takes on social responsibility that goes far beyond using natural-based, environmentally friendly ingredients – in fact, AVEDA has brought to life the charity project Earth Month back in 1999, which aims at providing access to clean drinking water to people in need.  Moreover, it pursues an educational mission by building awareness about the fact that today still more than 660 million people do not have access to drinking water… this is a situation that needs to be changed and that also can be changed!

Since the start of the Earth Month project, AVEDA has raised more than €45Million with the help of the employees and of course the AVEDA guests. This year, it has set the ambitious goal of collecting €6.2Million, which translates into providing 39,038 people with clean drinking water until 2019! Aveda has also teamed up with another amazing charity organization that I actually already worked with back at Maastricht University, Viva con Agua. As the name suggests, their vision is to supply everybody on earth with water!

Wanna contribute to the success of Earth Month?

If you want to do your part as well, then you can contribute by donating money online (donation page) or directly in the Aveda salon or partner salons. Another option is to buy those amazingly smelling Earth Month candles from which 100% of revenue will be donated. Believe me, they smell so good, I actually have one lit up in this very moment while I am writing ;)

Aveda Earth Month

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