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Goodbye Wrinkly Clothes: In Paris with Laurastar


Only a few days before I had to leave Milan to go back to Copenhagen, I received a super interesting Mail from Laureline, who works at Laurastar. She invited me over to come to Paris in order to test one of their most popular products – the Laurastar Lift – a portable steaming station! I immediately thought „they must have seen my InstaStory in which I totally went crazy dancing while ironing my shirts the other day!“. Whether it was a funny coincidence or not, let me tell you now a little bit about that event and of course about the steaming station, which is a total multitalent!

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Three Super Easy and Quick Ikea Hacks you Need to Try Out

Ikea Hacks

As you guys might have noticed by now on my social media channels – yes, I cannot stop talking about it –  I recently moved to Copenhagen for my Master’s Degree into my first real apartment with two of my friends. After one and a half years of subrenting different rooms and basically living in apartments of other people, I am so happy to be able to create my own home now. Strolling through all the amazing interior shops here in Copenhagen I wish I had an unlimited credit card… but reality is, IKEA is more or less my only option. Not that IKEA is a bad option at all, but I am someone who loves to do unique things; I appreciate individuality and to develop my own style. So, I decided to get a little bit creative by buying generic IKEA furniture and making little adjustments to them. Obviously I want to share those IKEA hacks with you, which are super easy, quick and most importantly, cheap!  Continue Reading


How to find the perfect color concept for your room with Desenio Posters

The last time I had the chance to furnish my own room was 4 years ago when I moved into my apartment in Maastricht for my Bachelor. I was way younger back then and I loved everything that was white and pink – and this is how my room also looked like. It was simply super girly. Now, a couple of years later I can actually call myself an adult (still feels weird though) and this also reflects in my new apartment here in Copenhagen. However, when I was thinking about a color-concept for my room I was a little bit overwhelmed with which colors to go for. I mean, the possibilities are endless and I don’t really have a favorite color. I needed some inspiration and decided to have a look at some Desenio posters. Continue Reading


Three Step Recipe for a Luxurious Sunday Breakfast in Bed

Copenhagen has amazing breakfast and brunch places to offer. The cafés are furnished in a super comfortable way, according to the Danish „Hygge“ lifestyle, and the menus offer everything you crave, especially if you are into trend- and superfoods! But often I ask myself, why go out to have brunch in a place that is made to look like home, when you can simply have an amazing breakfast in bed at your real home? After all, it’s not that hard to create your beloved hipster avocado on toast or muesli bowl yourself! Continue Reading