Let Memories be Memories

memories be memories

This is a somewhat more personal post, but I just wanted to write down some thoughts about a topic that is keeping me busy lately. You must know, I’m an overthinker when it comes to certain aspects. However, I’m not making things necessarily more complicated, I just like to think through them.

The heading says „Let Memories be Memories“ – it’s a conclusion I made that fits into a lot of situations in life. Let me give you a current example of my life.

I studied International Business at Maastricht University. Getting there in the first place, was not that easy for me. Fighting for your own will when your parents had planned a completely different life for you. Knowing that eventually the support was there, but the acceptance was missing. I had to prove that I made the right decision, whereby the hardest to convince was myself. It took time and the realization that I was good at what I am doing and that it made me happy. This decision had helped to grow, which is why I will always connect my time in Maastricht to the time I learned so much about myself and what I wanted in life. But Maastricht was so much more. The people I met, the many conversations I had, the countless parties I went to – I wasnt only forced to step out of my social comfort zone, I also had to give up the image I had of myself; the image people in high school had about me, that I simply believed. And then there were simply the careless fun times, getting out there no matter what and not wasting any second. Maastricht was good to me. It was so good to me that I know for a fact it would not be the same if I went back again for a Master’s Degree. I’m afraid of messing with my memories. I’m afraid that I would be trying to get back the time I had and then failing at it. I decided to let memories be memories and move on.

I believe this applies to so many situations in life, to any kind of good memories you have – let it be a relationship with a person, a travel destination you loved or whatever. You will never feel the same way as in your first time, even if everything seems the same. Sometimes you have to give up on a person, even if you had a deep connection with him or her. Accept the end of something and keep the good memories rather than to force something that is not there anymore.  Don’t ruin your memories, dont let the present interfere with your past.

memories be memories

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    3. Dezember 2016 at 21:13

    Ein wundervoller Post, der unter die Haut geht. Geht es uns nicht allen mit solchen Situationen und Erlebnissen? :) LG Kati

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