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A Wellness Weekend in Hotel Resort & Spa Miramonte in Italy

Resort Spa Miramonte

I am definitely a big-city girl, but on some days, things just get too overwhelming in the city. It is loud, it is crowded, you do not manage to get a moment of calmness and you just feel suffocated. This is so moment, where you just want to jump on a train or in a car and drive far out into the nature. However, the reason why I was drawn to the Hotel Resort & Spa Miramonte was a different one: After months of being locked up in quarantine at home, I was missing the feeling of freedom. I wanted to escape my own four walls and go high up a mountain and watch the endless horizon.


Romantic Comfort in the Deluxe Panorama Room of Resort & Spa Miramonte

Most people think that going to a Spa Hotel and taking the deluxe panorama suite is only meant for couples – well, let me prove you wrong because I did exactly that taking my bestie! The premium suite of Resort & Spa Miramonte is simply stunning: It is simple, clean and rather minimalistic but with a touch of playfulness. I loved that the design is kept very pure, that way the focus was set on the amazing view on the mountains as well as the highlight of the room – the Jacuzzi! The balcony is very large so you can easily sit outside and drink a coffee while enjoying the unique mountainview. This suite is definitely perfect for couples who would like to enjoy a spa experience with some privacy – or for two besties that love to have some fun and celebrate their friendship!

Resort Spa Miramonte Resort Spa Miramonte Resort Spa Miramonte Resort Spa Miramonte


The most amazing views on the mountains of Rota d’Imagna

What I absolutely loved about the family-run hotel is its remoteness in the mountains of the Rota d’Imagna region. I remember driving all the way up a steep way with the organised shuttle seeing how the view just got more and more beautiful the higher we got. Although I went in the summer, I can only imagine how beautiful the view on snowy mountains during the winter would be! The Hotel is placed up high and there are only around two restaurants and another Hotel closeby, however everything you need to relax can be found in the Resort & Spa. However, if you are up for a little adventure you can hire some bike to explore or visit the thermal spa in S.Omobono.

Rota d'imagna Resort Spa Miramonte Miramonte Panorama Suite


A varied food menu for all kinds of tastes (also vegetarian + vegan!)

There are two things that I find important when it comes to food: The flexibility of the chef to adjust to certain diets as well as the atmosphere. In both points, Hotel Miramonte scored very high. First, as a vegetarian, many times I am quite restricted when it comes to the choice of the menu but the chef of the hotel immediately offered to create alternative dishes especially for me. And let me tell you, these were well tought through and super delicious! Second, the atmosphere was extraordinary. On the one hand the very friendly and forthcoming staff contributed to that and on the other hand I loved having my dinner outside on the balcony with a view on the sunset. What more can I ask for?

Hotel Miramonte


… and let us not forget about the SPA Area

The SPA is modern, spacious and very clean – exactly the way a SPA should be to make you feel comfortable. Inside the SPA you can find different kinds of saunas, jacuzzis, relaxing areas and a steam bath as well as a gym. There is also the opportunity to exit the SPA through the pool and stay outside for a while. This seems especially exciting during the winter times… staying in the warm water while breathing in the cold fresh air…




Resort Spa Miramonte

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