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Comfy home wear for those cozy weekends

Ever since I started working full time, which exactly has been four years ago, I understood why people are always looking so much forward to the weekend. When you’re at university, it does not really matter what day it is; you could decide to take the Tuesday as your day off, if you wanted to. But once you enter the work force, Saturdays and Sundays and wearing comfy home wear are everything you look forward to – even more if you have a high intensity job that leaves you drained by the end of the week.

The two most valuable days of the week

Saturday and Sunday become the most valuable ones of the week. You can spend them however you want to. You can fill them up with sporty, creative or social activities, using the time for your passions. Activities that make you feel alive again. And that is what I usually do.

However, there are those weekends where you feel that your (mental and physical) battery is simply empty. Giving 100% during the week and then engaging in high-energy activities every weekend, can just leave you drained after a while. And those weekends exist to simply relax. To do nothing. To not leave the house. To order food. To stay on the couch all-day.

All you want is just to feel comfortable. And comfort also means wearing something that makes you feel warm, cared for and all snuggled up. Loose shapes, soft materials, neutral colors. Something that is picking up the relaxed vibe that you are going for on this particular chill weekend. You know exactly the feeling I am talking about, don’t you?

Comfy clothes for cozy weekends

Recently I found Land’s End, who I partnered up with for this Blog Post. I chose two super cozy shirts from their online shop. They arrived all wrapped up in a cute box – one is a long-arm polo shirt and another one is this cool denim-look sweater. Both can be worn super comfy combined with soft black leggings, or shorts for the warmer days.

I really love these kinds of weekends; especially when it’s a rainy day – so you don’t feel guilty about not leaving the house. You might not have the coolest stories to tell on Monday morning to your colleagues, but at least you are back at energy level 100% for the next weeks and exciting weekends that are ahead of you.

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