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New IPhone Accessories Obsessions

popsocket handyhülle

Do you remember the days in which people had different kinds of phones? Nokia, Motorola, Sony Ericsson… in all kinds of colours! Even though there were always some „Must Haves“, there was still some variety on the market. These days, however, the phone market is so consolidated it seems as if it’s only a matter of Apple IPhone vs. Samsung Galaxy. To me, having the same thing as everybody else is boring: Definitely in terms of fashion, but actually in many aspects of life I dont like to get captured by the mass and conform to group pressures. If everybody starts wearing purple, I would try to avoid it. However, I still think that we can and should not completely avoid it.  We are more similar than we might think and going against the stream just for the sake of it might not be the best option anyway. So let’s face it – we all have the same phone… but… we can all have different phone cases to spice things a little bit up, right?

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Why it is good to invest in Sneakers – Styling the Nike Air Max 270

Except for during my little Emo-phase when I was a teenie, I never really was a big sneakers girl. I used to be Ms Leather Shoes all the way for many years – probably also because I associated sneakers with being a confused teenager – until I moved to Berlin in 2016. During that time I realised how many different sneaker brands and models are out there (besides Vans Slippers) and at some point the mere exposure effect kicked in: I started seeing sneakers everywhere and quickly I couldn’t resist but buy own pair. This is how I rediscovered how it feels to wear truly comfortable shoes, and I obviously loved it! Since then, I keep investing into a new pair of sneakers every now and then. Recently, a new pair joined the family: The Air Max 270 by Nike. In this post I will tell you how to combine them in different ways and why I love them!

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One Weekend in Ibiza with OneVillasIbiza in October

Temperatures started to drop. Summer was slowly coming to an end. I was already preparing to adapt my closet to winter time and say goodbye to summer 2019… but then I received the invitation to prolong the summer – I was invited to Ibiza by OneVillasIbiza! The switch back to a summer mindset was as easy as expected and I couldn’t say anything else but “I’m in!”. Let me tell you a little bit more about this company and my stay in Ibiza at Villa Can Xumeu den March

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Goodbye Wrinkly Clothes: In Paris with Laurastar


Only a few days before I had to leave Milan to go back to Copenhagen, I received a super interesting Mail from Laureline, who works at Laurastar. She invited me over to come to Paris in order to test one of their most popular products – the Laurastar Lift – a portable steaming station! I immediately thought „they must have seen my InstaStory in which I totally went crazy dancing while ironing my shirts the other day!“. Whether it was a funny coincidence or not, let me tell you now a little bit about that event and of course about the steaming station, which is a total multitalent!

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All black with a Tight Low Bun and Red Lips

I know guys, it has been ages since I last updated my blog. But as you know yourself by now Instagram has become the number one platform for Fashionbloggers – or as we call them today Influencers – and I finally decided to go with the flow and invest more time into Instagram. Of course the level of quality on Instagram is a whole different level and not comparable with the high res photos you find mainly on blogs. But that’s just how our generation is I guess. We want it quick, and we want it now, even if we have to compromise on quality.

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Oversized Trenchcoat vibes in New York City

When my bestie Vivien moved to New York in winter 2016, I knew this meant that I am going to have a second (or rather third) home to stay – yay! Back then, I always dreamed of going to New York and find out whether the big Apple really was how it is always portrayed in the movies. So I went to visit her in March last year, and of course, being the geeky tourist that I am, I made her go to all the famous places (that she had already seen 1000times) with me – Times Square, Rockefeller Center, Central Park, Brooklyn Bridge… Well, you have to cover the New York basics first, don’t you?! I was overwhelmed by the vibrancy of the city and I absolutely loved it. Anyway, I promised that I will come again to visit… and this is exactly what I have done only a few weeks ago! This time however, things were a little bit different …

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Review: Testing Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Series and Midnight Recovery Concentrate


The search for the right products for your skin type can be long, exhausting and often seems never ending. I always had acne-prone skin and when I was younger I was willing to try eeeeverything that seemed promising in helping my skin clear up. I went online, read through various reviews for hours and then simply bought everything that a person with beautiful skin claimed would work. Unfortunately, that did not only cost me a lot of money, but also a lot of nerves. At some point I arrived to the conclusion that nothing will help me and that I simply had to live with my acne-prone skin. I changed my routine from time to time, never really having felt a huge difference. But now that I am basically in my mid-twenties, my skin has changed and I realized, so should my beauty routine. I need something more sophisticated. I heard a lot about Kiehl’s Ultra Facial products and decided to give it a try. Kiehl’s is one of America’s oldest skin care brands and positions itself like a pharmaceutical rather than a beauty brand – interesting! Thanks again to Feelunique for providing me with the opportunity to test their products!  Continue Reading


A chilly day at Nyhavn & about the Power of Incidents


I really don’t know what took me so long to finally take some photos at the most famous place in Copenhagen – Nyhavn! Yes, its the spot at the water with „all those colorful houses“ everyone always talks about. And yes, I absolutely love it there, too! Although I am living here now for half a year and I really do not feel like a tourist anymore, it still feels weird realizing that I live in Scandinavia now. If you would have asked me two years ago, Denmark would probably not even be on the list of potential places to live in next for me.  Continue Reading


How to: Contour for the Perfect Selfie with Manhattan INSTA products

Manhatten Insta Contouring

Is taking selfies a skill – can you actually learn how to take the perfect selfie? Well, I say absolutely yes! Funnily, I already took selfies when I was 14 years old with my Mum’s big digital camera and uploaded them on my MySpace profile… yup, I guess I always had a thing for social media, haha. But back then, however, nobody called these kind of pictures „selfies“ … until this word was invented and suddenly selfies became a thing. On YouTube you can even find video of girls teaching you how to take the perfect selfie. But don’t worry guys, it’s not rocket science – that’s why I am showing you today how, even as a beginner, to take the perfect selfie with only two ingredients: 1) The right lighting, and 2) Manhattan INSTA products for contouring and highlighting!

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