All black with a Tight Low Bun and Red Lips

I know guys, it has been ages since I last updated my blog. But as you know yourself by now Instagram has become the number one platform for Fashionbloggers – or as we call them today Influencers – and I finally decided to go with the flow and invest more time into Instagram. Of course the level of quality on Instagram is a whole different level and not comparable with the high res photos you find mainly on blogs. But that’s just how our generation is I guess. We want it quick, and we want it now, even if we have to compromise on quality.

A Short Story Behind the Low Bun

Nonetheless, I still have some photos that I shot during the last weeks and I want to share those with you. We took photos of this outfit a few days before I left Copenhagen. I remember it was still quite hot actually, but we wanted to produce some photos for the upcoming autumn season. My hair looked awful that day cause of the heat, so I spontaneously decided to try out something new – a low bun! For the past years I always wore my hair open, since it made me feel most comfortable. I could always hide myself little bit behind my mane. This was especially important for me during the time I went through a phase of really bad acne.

But now, since my skin is finally good again, I dont need to use my hair as a cover anymore. I started experimenting with some looks – and that day I found that the low bun is perfect for me! I really love this hairstyle now – especially combined with bold earrings and an expressive make-up. I wear it a lot lately, which is sooo unusual for me! Anyhow, I am actually really glad that I feel comfortable enough now to spice up my looks a little by trying different hairstyles.

I’m Wearing:
Top & Pants – ZARA
Shoes – Maripé via ZumNorde
Leather Jacket – ASOS

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