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Why it is good to invest in Sneakers – Styling the Nike Air Max 270

Except for during my little Emo-phase when I was a teenie, I never really was a big sneakers girl. I used to be Ms Leather Shoes all the way for many years – probably also because I associated sneakers with being a confused teenager – until I moved to Berlin in 2016. During that time I realised how many different sneaker brands and models are out there (besides Vans Slippers) and at some point the mere exposure effect kicked in: I started seeing sneakers everywhere and quickly I couldn’t resist but buy own pair. This is how I rediscovered how it feels to wear truly comfortable shoes, and I obviously loved it! Since then, I keep investing into a new pair of sneakers every now and then. Recently, a new pair joined the family: The Air Max 270 by Nike. In this post I will tell you how to combine them in different ways and why I love them!

Why it is always good to invest in Sneakers

Let’s start off with the first and most obvious reason: Sneakers are simply super comfortable. There exists literally no other type of shoe that is more comfortable than our beloved lightweight, bouncy, and soft kicks. Whenever I go traveling somewhere, I make sure to have at least one pair of sneakers with me to wear on those days where I will definitely be walking a lot, in my case hiking trips or shopping sprees. However, you should always make sure to have chosen a pair of good quality sneakers that fit the shape of your feet well in order to avoid any blisters! Cause unfortunately, not every sneaker is a friend to our feet. Second, it’s totally okay, even better (!), to go a little colourful and crazy with sneakers! It seems as if there is literally no right or wrong with sneakers styles, since everything on the spectrum from beautiful aesthetic to super ugly is accepted in the sneakers world. With the big Balenciaga sneakers trend we even started actively looking for ugly, crazy, super color blocking sneakers. Insane, but also super fun! And third, sneakers are usually rather cheap and do not really go out of fashion – or at least not that quick. Especially when you invest in traditional sports brands like Nike or Adidas, you can make sure that their styles are pretty timeless and absolutely affordable compared to leather shoes from big fashion brands. And you know what that means? Sneakers are the perfect items to collect, in case you are a collector ;).

Welcome to the Sneakers Family: The AM 270 by Nike – and how to style them!

Although I already listed up my key reasons to invest in sneakers, this section could even count as an additional reason. Because just like with the range of crazy sneakers models, there are also no rules when it comes to their styling. You can literally wear them with jeans, a skirt, a dress, yes even with a suit! Especially the seemingly odd sneaker-suit combination has been super popular lately, especially among many infamous Scandinavian influencers! It makes wearing a suite completely casual, without making people think you are on the way to a job interview! Even I like wearing my new Nike Air Max 270 with a suit, as you can see on the photo. But honestly, and after all, my favourite combination is a sporty look – back to the roots we can say!

nike air max 270 styled

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