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Berlin Sunset

The moment you enter a room full of strangers, or the moment you get to meet a new person. The moment you wake up in a different city, or the moment you realize that you are far away from home. These moments come with an instant evaluation from your feelings. I dont like him. I feel uncomfortable. I think I am just right where I am. We could become good friends. And of course we believe in what we are feeling, even if these feelings are based on no valid premises whatsoever. They are based on the atmosphere, or the chemistry that we cannot define but are floating around in the air. We do not know why we feel that way. As in many situations the mind and the heart might be telling you different things – so who wins? I guess in the beginning it might seem like a clear win for our gut feeling, but then there comes a mediator into the game: time. With time we tend to reflect and listen more to our mind – we become more rational and start to doubt our feelings. Maybe I should give him a second chance. I dont need to feel that way. There is actually something good about this place. First impressions should not be our final ones. They might mislead us. But in the fight between the mind and the heart there is no clear winner, because sometimes our feelings are right from the start, time is not able to turn things around. But we can only know if we do not close ourselves right from the beginning.

Berlin. Full of excitement I moved to Berlin a bit more than one month ago. Reality hit me when I moved into my new apartment in Friedrichshain – one of the so-called „scene places“. This is how it looked to me: It’s dirty, there is graffiti, punks and homeless people everywhere. After coming from Maastricht and Sydney, I was not used to that anymore. No feeling of safetly – my gut feeling told me I hate Berlin already. Give it time, you will learn to love Berlin. It’s different. – that’s what people told me. So I tried. I tried to control my quick judgments and explore more of Berlin, to find the places and atmosphere I like. What can I tell you now? Berlin and I are not best friends yet, but this feeling of alienation and uncomfortableness is slowly diminishing. The only thing Im unsure about right now is whether it is because time made me get used to the circumstances or time made me rationally reflect about my situation and feelings. We’ll see.


I’m Wearing:
Sleeveless Blazer – H&M (old; similar here or here)
Shorts – Vintage + DIY (similar here)
Sandals – Birkenstock Gizeh Fringe



denim_shorts_diy denim-shorts-summer blazer_berlin birkenstock_gizeh_fringe2 curly_hair_sunset2 curly_hair_sunset longblazer sun_berlin berlin_denim sunset_summer_berlin gizeh_fringe_birkenstock

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    11. September 2016 at 16:22

    Hey, wunderschönes Outfit und richtig schöne Bilder!!

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