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Three Super Easy and Quick Ikea Hacks you Need to Try Out

Ikea Hacks

As you guys might have noticed by now on my social media channels – yes, I cannot stop talking about it –  I recently moved to Copenhagen for my Master’s Degree into my first real apartment with two of my friends. After one and a half years of subrenting different rooms and basically living in apartments of other people, I am so happy to be able to create my own home now. Strolling through all the amazing interior shops here in Copenhagen I wish I had an unlimited credit card… but reality is, IKEA is more or less my only option. Not that IKEA is a bad option at all, but I am someone who loves to do unique things; I appreciate individuality and to develop my own style. So, I decided to get a little bit creative by buying generic IKEA furniture and making little adjustments to them. Obviously I want to share those IKEA hacks with you, which are super easy, quick and most importantly, cheap!  Continue Reading


How to find the perfect color concept for your room with Desenio Posters

The last time I had the chance to furnish my own room was 4 years ago when I moved into my apartment in Maastricht for my Bachelor. I was way younger back then and I loved everything that was white and pink – and this is how my room also looked like. It was simply super girly. Now, a couple of years later I can actually call myself an adult (still feels weird though) and this also reflects in my new apartment here in Copenhagen. However, when I was thinking about a color-concept for my room I was a little bit overwhelmed with which colors to go for. I mean, the possibilities are endless and I don’t really have a favorite color. I needed some inspiration and decided to have a look at some Desenio posters. Continue Reading


Fall Must-Have: Button-Up Red Striped Jogger from Zara

Button Up Jogger Zara

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Lately I’ve been obsessing with straight-leg joggers. I used to always say I cannot live without jeans and that denim is my absolute favorite… but this season cloth pants seem to win the morning struggle of what to wear more and more often. I already own three pairs of these kinds of striped joggers but my absolute favorite are those amazing red striped jogger from Zara. It was one of those items that felt like love at first sight. Continue Reading


Three Step Recipe for a Luxurious Sunday Breakfast in Bed

Copenhagen has amazing breakfast and brunch places to offer. The cafés are furnished in a super comfortable way, according to the Danish „Hygge“ lifestyle, and the menus offer everything you crave, especially if you are into trend- and superfoods! But often I ask myself, why go out to have brunch in a place that is made to look like home, when you can simply have an amazing breakfast in bed at your real home? After all, it’s not that hard to create your beloved hipster avocado on toast or muesli bowl yourself! Continue Reading


My Experience Creating a Custom-Made Red Dress from Sumissura

Custom-made red dress

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It’s actually quite rare that you will see me wearing a dress. Mostly it’s because I simply love pants –  they give you more possibilities for combination and are simply more versatile. However, I am also often struggling with dresses, because I rarely find a dress that perfectly fits my body shape. They are either too big or too small on some body parts, which makes it really uncomfortable to wear them. So when Sumissura approached me if I would like to try out their custom-made clothing line, which includes suits, coats, trenchcoats and also dresses, I though I might give it a shot! … the result is this custom-made red dress! Continue Reading


Ranhelwa meets Automotive: Three Days in the Autostadt Wolfsburg

Wolfsburg Autostadt

Growing up in a family with two brothers and a dad who are crazy about cars, there was no way for me to not somehow get involved with that topic. Once I got my own driver’s license – after miserably failing at my first attempt – I started to understand why driving cars can be really fun and even relaxing. Today I enjoy long drives during which I can just clear my mind. Think about it, when do we have the time these days to be all by ourselves, away from technological distraction, and just reflect?  So although my focus is definitely on fashion,  I was super happy when I got invited by the Autostadt Wolfsburg to stay two nights at the Ritz Carlton and enjoy the special summer program they are offering. I had no idea what I was expecting though.

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Exploring the Trend: Perfume Layering with Emporio Armani Stronger with You/Because Its You

Emporio Armani Because Its you

I love having a signature scent. A scent that reminds people of me. One that makes friends and family say Ranim, this totally smells like you. Then you know that you own that scent! Actually, this is not so easy to achieve. There are a couple of super popular perfumes out there that just everybody seems to have. And even though you might say that the same scent would smell differently on different skin, some perfumes are just too recognizable and strong to develop that uniqueness. Continue Reading

Beauty Event

Backstage with Wella Professionals and Berliner Modesalon at Berlin Fashion Week

Backstage with Wella Professionals at Berlin Fashion Week

„Only 20min until rehearsal! Guys, you need to be ready by then!“ says one of the trend coaches of the Wella Professionals team backstage before the show by Antonia Goy.

The stress that designers experience right before they showcase their new collection during fashion week is pretty intense – I’m sure most of us can imagine that. Working half a year on a collection and having only 10 min to present it to the world is definitely nerve-wrecking. However, we do not think that much about all the other people involved in creating the perfect look for the runway. Dressers, stylists, make-up artists, hair stylists… of course they too must be pretty much under pressure! Continue Reading


The Classic Grey Jumpsuit that just always works!

pinko bag

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Guys – believe it or not, I am still without a laptop. Turned out, I had to go the complicated way to get my German-keyboard Macbook Pro delivered to Copenhagen. Basically, I am shipping it to Germany just to have it shipped further to me here in Denmark. So fingers crossed, I will receive it by beginning of next week and then finally have my most valuable working capital back again! Oh, how I am handling it right now? Well, university library and taking every opportunity my friends don’t need their laptops to sneak in and use theirs! ;) Continue Reading