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There is one particular trend this autumn/winter 2017 that I simply cannot resist: Teddy Fur! Ehhh fur? Don’t worry babes, it’s not made from real Teddybears – so no need to hide your sweet cozy friends. Alright, jokes aside. But next to fake fur and wool coats, which I talked about in my last two blog posts (here and here), this one continues with another type of statement jackets for this season – with the Teddy Coat or Teddy Jacket. I don’t know about you guys, but whenever I wear my teddy coat (I have one in black and in off-white – check my Insta to see them) I feel like I am the coziest person ever and everyone just wants to hug me. So the teddy coat basically serves two purposes 1) looking super fashionable, and 2) attracting hugs. This is of course perfect for needy persons like me, haha.

What is the right Teddy Coat for me?

Anyway, if you want exactly what I just described, too, then maybe you’ll find the right teddy jacket among the ones I picked out for you. I tried to show you a nice variety. I must admit, I love all of them! Some are more suitable for colder temperatures, whereas others might rather work for mild ones. There is one small drawback though – just like with fake fur jackets, I would absolutely avoid wearing them when it rains outside. Due to the color and the material, one has to take good care of it. So if you are a clumsy person who tends to make things dirty, maybe rather go with a darker shade like taupe, brown or even black! Also the prices can differ significantly, but in general they are less expensive than fake fur jackets. But most shops offer teddy coats and jackets, so it’s not that difficult anymore to find the right one for yourself!


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    Reni E.
    8. November 2017 at 15:59

    Dir steht ja wohl alles, liebe Ranim. Ich finde Teddymäntel auch schön, aber mir stehen sie leider nicht. Aber ich habe jetzt auch einen Karo-Mantel, mit dem ich sehr zufrieden bin.
    LG Reni!

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