Another day – another jacket: The Checked Coat for Autumn

Plaid Coat French Connection

Autumn fashion is all about finding the perfect knits, boots … and most importantly – coats! Yes, you got to make a wise choice when it comes to your coat, because you will probably wear it for a looong time… well, at least if you live up north like I do. However, there are just so many different coat styles! Last time I presented you guys the fake fur leopard coat, which is, I must admit, not everybody’s cup of tea. Wool coats, on the other hand, probably work for most of us. You just got to find the right color, length and cut!

Making a statement: The Checked Coat

I like my coat to be the highlight of my outfit, especially because the rest of it is most of the time not really visible. This is why I went for a checked coat –  and no, not for a classic black/white/grey one, but for a really fun combination of colours – off white/navy/yellow. And what can I say? I absolutely love it. I can wear the most basic stuff underneath, but if I throw this masterpiece on top, my outfit becomes super special. Of course there are also days where I just want to put on my simple black coat and immerse into the minimalistic Scandic world of style, but I am trying to find a healthy balance.

Another day – Another Jacket

Autumn and winter are looong up here – and I must admit, I get easily bored. In general, but also when it comes to the clothes I am wearing. So if possible, I like to have a few coats to choose from – depending on my mood, and of course the weather. Since I cannot afford buying 5 coats every season, I really try to look out for good quality and rather timeless pieces that can stay with me for a couple of years. Just like with bags and boots, I think it makes absolutely sense to invest in good coats. For example, I still wear coats from 3 years ago. Also I borrow sometimes some of my Mum’s older jackets. As I am growing older, I kinda want to get away from this whole fast fashion hype …


// I’m Wearing:
Checked Coat * –  French Connection (similar here)
Turtleneck * – River Island
Leather Leggings – ZARA
Jewelry (Rings and Bracelet) * – Sif Jakobs
Shoes – Bronx
Bag – Jimmy Choo

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