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Beauty Update 2017 – My favorite Beauty Products

beauty products

Beauty favorites

It’s been a while my friends since my last beauty post – so it’s time for an update! In fact, I’ve been researching a lot of products during the last couple of weeks and months, mainly focusing on skincare products for my face. The reason being that during autumn and winter 2016, my skin went back to puberty, breaking out heavily in parts of my face where I never used to get breakouts. So today I want to share with you what has worked for my skin, plus some of my favorite hair and make-up beauty products!

1. Poppy Austin – Vitamin C with Hyaluronic Acid Serum

Vitamin C is not only amazing when fighting a cold, it also is supposed to be one of the best anti-aging substances for your skin! Now, anti-aging is not really my main focus, but the collagen-stimulating and brightening effect of Vitamin C is perfect to support the healing of my acne scars and for exfoliating dead skin cells. I’ve been using this product by Poppy Austin now for two weeks and I must admit that I really like the consistency and the feeling of it on my skin – thanks to its pleasant ingredients such as jojoba oil or aloe vera. Although I’ve been testing it now for only a short amount of time, I believe my skin has already improved, in that it is definitely more radiant. As for the blemishes, I am still keeping track and can hopefully say more after two more weeks. After heaving read so many positive reviews, I am super excited to observe what it will continue to do to my skin.

vitamin-c-poppy-austin-test vitamin-c-poppy-austin-test

2. Aveda Shampure Thermal Dry Conditioner

In one of my last posts I already told you about the Aveda Earth Month – a charity project in which everything revolves around making clean drinking water accessible to everyone (read more about it here). So while on the one hand Aveda is trying to raise money to provide clean drinking water, on the other hand it promotes a conscious and economic use of water in countries where people are privileged to have easy und basically unlimited access. This is why Aveda came up with a hair series that nurtures your hair without a single drop of water! Together with its dry shampoo it offers a complementary dry conditioner, which provides the same benefits as your usual conditioner: it moisturizes with jojoba- and sunflowerseed-oil, provides heat protection, and makes your hair look fresh and smell amazing again. I really like to just spray this product onto the tips of my hair once it starts feeling a bit dry and frizzy again.

aveda dry conditioneraveda_dry_conditioner

3. Mac Vibe Tribe Collection – Creamy Highligher in Gold

Yes, there are a lot of highlighters out there… which doesn’t make it necessarily easier to find the right one for you. But well, sometimes you are just lucky – the first highlighter I bought has been my best one so far. It is this creamy highlighter by Mac from the „Vibe Tribe“ collection. I know, this collections has created a lot of negative buzz because of its name, but honestly, I just love this Beauty product! The golden tone fits perfectly with my skin color, plus it has just the right pigmentation – low risk of looking like a disco ball!

4. Mac Bronzer Mineralize Skinfinish in Medium Deep

Guys, I totally love this Mac bronzer! It is just the right shade that gives your face a natural contouring and sun-kissed effect, while blending really nicely with our skin. That bronzer is simply a life savior whenever I wake up looking pale again. Sometimes I just feel like putting it all over my face, but most of the time I put it close to the hairline on my forehead, temples, chin, below my cheekbones and a bit on my nose. Haha, okay that is kinda my whole face …

Mac Bronzer

5. Pure Aloe Vera Gel by naissance

This Aloe Vera Gel by naissance is definitely the best skincare product I have found in a while. I actually believe that it cured the light acne I had back in autumn/winter 2016. First time I heard about it was in a YouTube video, then I continued research on a couple of blogs until I decided to give it a try.  I mean, in the end it was only 5€… turning out to be the best 5€ I have ever spent on skincare. I am using this 99% aloe vera gel as a night mask every day and I must say it really stopped my skin from breaking out and supported the healing process of inflamed pimples. I stopped using the product for 2 weeks because I was traveling and I immediately noticed after a couple of days that my skin got a little bit worse again. So right now, I really cannot live without it!

aloe vera gel

6. p2 Techno Chrome Nail Polish

Last but not least I just wanted to share with you one of my current favorite nail polishes, because I had a feeling some of you will be asking about it, since I am wearing it on my nails in the photos for this post. There is not much to say, besides that I love the color, it dries super quick and its super cheap!

techno chrome nailpolish p2




A Night Out in New York – Wide Leg Striped Pants and Crop Top

striped pants


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Cropped Denim, Embroidery Mules & Straight Hair in NYC

Sometimes I forget how much I like it when my hair is straight. It just turns me into a completely different person and it gives the outfits I’m wearing a more edgy vibe I think. But anyway, this post should not be about my hair, but more about this outfit that I’m sharing with you today. If you look at it, it’s very simple – I actually brought so many basic pieces with me to New York because I did not know what to pack – but what makes it special and somehow eye-catching after all are the small details and accessories. Look closer – see those cute ruffles that are sewed all around this denim jacket? Or the lace-up detail of this loose, black shirt, giving it a little sexy twist? I’m sure you noticed the beautiful embroidery of the mules I’m wearing though, just like the pink detail on my bag.
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Event Thoughts

#AvedaCleanWater – Make a Difference during Earth Month 2017

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Travel Video // Follow me around New York City in 10 Days!

follow me around new york city

Since I traveled around Australia with my GoPro last year, I decided to always record a follow me around video whenever I go on big trips. I realized that my travel videos are something I still love watching from time to time, bringing me back those beautiful memories and reminding me that it actually happened. Of course we always take photos, but seriously, among all the hundreds of photos we take on holiday, how many do you eventually look at later? Maybe a few, if at all. I guess there are only around 10 photos of a trip, which you will like looking at again, the rest simply did not capture your experience in the right way. But what I love about travel videos, is that they are an accumulation of all the impressions you’ve had, squeezed into a couple of minutes, making you feel as if you would still be there. Continue Reading


New York, New York! First Look from the Big Apple

New York

New York, New York – one of the most exciting and busy cities in the world. A place where crazy meets serious; a place where you can be who you want to be… well, at least if you got enough money. New York has been on top of my travel lists for such a long time. Is the city really how it is portrayed in the movies? Fancy jazz bars, high heels and short dresses, busy business men, advertisement overload, bright and colorful lights, buildings so high your neck hurts when looking up, crazy traffic with loads of yellow cabs, plenty of aspiring artists… I could think of so many more stereotypical associations with New York. And you know what? It was just that. New York was just how I expected it to be. With one of my best friends and now local New Yorker Vivien as company, it turned out to be even better than I expected it. Continue Reading