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A chilly day at Nyhavn & about the Power of Incidents


I really don’t know what took me so long to finally take some photos at the most famous place in Copenhagen – Nyhavn! Yes, its the spot at the water with “all those colorful houses” everyone always talks about. And yes, I absolutely love it there, too! Although I am living here now for half a year and I really do not feel like a tourist anymore, it still feels weird realizing that I live in Scandinavia now. If you would have asked me two years ago, Denmark would probably not even be on the list of potential places to live in next for me.  Continue Reading


How to: Contour for the Perfect Selfie with Manhattan INSTA products

Manhatten Insta Contouring

Is taking selfies a skill – can you actually learn how to take the perfect selfie? Well, I say absolutely yes! Funnily, I already took selfies when I was 14 years old with my Mum’s big digital camera and uploaded them on my MySpace profile… yup, I guess I always had a thing for social media, haha. But back then, however, nobody called these kind of pictures “selfies” … until this word was invented and suddenly selfies became a thing. On YouTube you can even find video of girls teaching you how to take the perfect selfie. But don’t worry guys, it’s not rocket science – that’s why I am showing you today how, even as a beginner, to take the perfect selfie with only two ingredients: 1) The right lighting, and 2) Manhattan INSTA products for contouring and highlighting!

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How to Style the Female Suit in a Cool and Casual Way

Female suit

I am the spontaneous kind of person. I never thought that I would be able to say that as I was pretty shy and rather insecure as a teenager. But the many times I got thrown into the cold water just made me realize that not everything needs careful preparation nor a detailed plan – “just doing it” might be exactly the right starting point. Besides, spontaneity is is simply way more exciting, and I love that! So… booking trips to diverse places has become my favorite spontaneous thing to do. Also, spontaneously putting outfits together, like this female suit, has turned out to be just so, so right! Let me tell you about it …

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In 2018 my Navy Blue Knit meets Black Leather Skirt

I must admit, these photos were taken within an intense study session, realizing that it might be time for my first post in 2018. But you guys know how it is around Christmas and New year’s … it’s basically the only real break in the whole year and with all the heavy and good food you just get lazy, and lazy, and lazy. And then you wake up, noticing you gotta go back to life and all the responsibilities, which actually feels quite refreshing after days of being a useless, inactive person, haha. So since I’m back in Copenhagen I am back to my student/blogger/somuchmore life. Continue Reading


Christmas Time in Copenhagen – Loads of Lights and Hygge

Kronprinsensgade Copenhagen


I moved to Copenhagen this summer – as I was enjoying the long and bright days, I was already scared of the cold and dark days to come in winter. Everyone was like Yea, soak up the sun as long as you can – the darkness is going to be here sooner than you think. I am a very outgoing person and waking up to sunshine gives me new energy for the day. So, how am I supposed to make it through the winter?   Continue Reading


The 70s are back: How to Style Black Flared Pants for the Winter


… well, first of all: Happy Second Advent! Hope you’ll have a sweet and calm day!

Second of all… I want to talk about flared pants! We have come a long way from low-waist skinny jeans, over to Mom Jeans and now it seems like wide pants, and also flared pants have gained their acceptance back! During the last years, the fashion industry wanted to show us how cool flared pants are, but failed every time. We have seen them all over the runways, but nobody really embraced. It just was not time for flared pants yet – out mind still associated them too much with the 70s.. the shock was still too deep. I mean, oh boy did it take us long to get over skinny jeans and jeggings! I’m super glad now that we can wear denim that does not completely squeeze our legs.  Continue Reading