Travel Video // Follow me around New York City in 10 Days!

follow me around new york city

Since I traveled around Australia with my GoPro last year, I decided to always record a follow me around video whenever I go on big trips. I realized that my travel videos are something I still love watching from time to time, bringing me back those beautiful memories and reminding me that it actually happened. Of course we always take photos, but seriously, among all the hundreds of photos we take on holiday, how many do you eventually look at later? Maybe a few, if at all. I guess there are only around 10 photos of a trip, which you will like looking at again, the rest simply did not capture your experience in the right way. But what I love about travel videos, is that they are an accumulation of all the impressions you’ve had, squeezed into a couple of minutes, making you feel as if you would still be there.

New York City… well, this was a big trip for sure! I always wanted to visit this crazy, exciting city and this March the opportunity finally came up. Read some more of my thoughts about NYC in my last post here if you haven’t already. So I took my GoPro and turned into this funny tourist that annoys everyone with his camera; that tourist that always needs to stay a little bit longer at one spot in order to get his perfect shot; that tourist that makes you do awkward things like throw your arms in the air – simply because it would look super cool in the video. And you know what? I don’t care that I am that tourist. Watching my final video of the trip just makes me so happy that I can say it was all worth it. Enough said – here is Follow Me Around New York City!

I hope you like it – and if you want, check out my other travel videos as well!

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    8. April 2017 at 13:06

    So ein schönes Video! ❤

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