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Christmas 2016

It’s that time of the year again. We fight the darkness with colourful lights and give back to the ones we love, warming up the atmosphere and our hearts. Well, that is what they say. Reality always looks different, but don’t let me be the pessimistic one here – in every saying is always some truth. You cannot deny that Christmas time … is different! People do more good, give to charity and spend more time with their families. And this is reality. The whole gifting stress is just like noise, it’s irrelevant in the end.

While many people think it’s hypocrite that people suddenly become „good“ during the Christmas holidays by arguing that we actually should aways be like that, I think that this sudden behavioral change is better than nothing. We get so soaked up in our daily lives that we loose perspective on the important things. Are we to blame for that? I don’t know. All I know is that if we can break free from that, at least once per year for a couple of days, it is better than nothing. This is what Christmas really means to me. It’s a little wake-up call. Some time for reflection. A complete shuffle of priorities. For some this phase only lasts for the holidays, for others it might extend even longer. And yea, the longer the better. But falling back into old habits is just human.

So my Christmas holidays are probably exactly that. Plus, of course a little bit of party and turning off the overthinking mode. I havent quite figured out what I will wear yet, but this glittery top from Desigual  or the red dress I’m wearing on the pictures… I’ll see!

Oh and by the way – you can win this beautiful rosegold Bracelet on my instagram! Just head over and comment under my last post :)

// I’m Wearing:
Dress – Virgo Boutique
Top, Bag & Bracelet* – Desigual

Christmas DesigualChristmas 2016 Christmas 2016 Christmas 2016Christmas DesigualChristmas 2016



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    2. Januar 2017 at 21:22

    Toll siehst du aus liebe Ranim! Das Kleid ist ein Traum :)

    Frohes Neues und alles Liebe,
    Rina //

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