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The Mom Jeans – You cannot deny them anymore

Mom Jeans monki

Its so funny – I remember that more than three years ago I used to have this column on my blog called „Yay or Nay?“, in which I wrote about new trends, what I think about them and if I would wear them. One time I wrote about Mom Jeans, when they just had started to go in style again (check out the post here!). I used this picture of girls from the 90s, from the popular series Beverly Hills 90210 to show what I associate with this trend. To be honest, I was thinking what the hell is the fashion industry trying to sell us – this will never go back into mainstream fashion again. During that time we were still recovering from flared pants, and skinny jeans were the thing. Going back to loose „carrot pants“ was nothing to be considered, at least not for me. Haha, reading this old post, I could not have been more sarcastic and patronising about this trend. My old me would shake her head now if she saw what I am wearing right now. Well, but to be fair, I was not completely wrong back then. It actually took us and the mainstream shops quite some years to fully accept this kind of jeans again. Now, baeem, almost three years later they are all over the place. Moreover, I just realized that I also wrote about Birkenstocks (here!) and for some reason I was quite optimistic and already gave a Go back then to those comfy sandals. It’s no secret that trends always return, but I believe they go through different phases – just like any other product life cycle (shoutout to the business students out there, haha). A slow kick-off with only the really trendy fashionistas daring to try out the trend; then a rapid growth, when the mainstream starts to accept the trend and then stagnation and decline, when everyone is just like ehhhh enough of this. I guess in terms of Mom-Jeans and Birkenstock we are currently and the highest point and I believe latest in 2-3 years we got enough of it. We will see… maybe I will write a post again looking back at this one ;-)

// I’m Wearing:
Mom Jeans – Monki (get here; similar here)
Crop Top – Bardot (similar here, here)
Sandals – Birkenstock Gizeh Fringe
Blazer – Zara (similar here)
Bag – Stella McCartney
Lipstick – Mac Cosmetics; Chili (here)

Mom Jeans monki Mom Jeans monki Mom Jeans monki Mom Jeans monki

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  • Reply
    Andrea Fun
    18. September 2016 at 23:50

    Steht dir richtig gut!

  • Reply
    19. September 2016 at 12:09

    Jaja, die lieben Mom-Jeans! Ich finde, an dir sehen sie einfach nur super aus! Wenn man nicht gertenschlank ist, dann muss man immer etwas aufpassen, denn die tragen auch leider ziemlich auf. Ich bin noch auf der Suche nach DER perfekten Variante für mich. Hoffentlich werd ich bald fündig! :D

  • Reply
    23. September 2016 at 13:46

    Mom Jeans… Boyfriend Jeans… für mich ein absolutes GO, obwohl ich diesen Trends auch erstmal sehr skeptisch gegenüber stand.
    Birkenstocks erfinden sich ja auch irgendwie immer wieder neu, deswegen liebe ich diese Dinger auch so sehr ! Die neue Metallic Kollektion von denen ist richtig richtig schön, sodass ich nicht nur mir sondern auch gleich meiner Mama ein Paar geholt habe haha :D
    Jedenfalls bevorzuge ich im Moment eher loose fit gegenüber skinny ;)

    Liebe Grüße,

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