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The Most Important Bag Styles – From Tote to Envelope

Bag Styles

We people love to generalize. Generalizing simply makes things easier, because yea, we have to think less. But whenever we generalize, all the little details get lost – and it’s the small things in life that make it so beautiful. The almost unnoticable characteristics that make your best friend, your best friend. The special ingredient in your pasta arrabiata, that makes it outstanding.  Same, same but different. I could actually spend hours talking about this characteristic so inherent to us human beings and all the consequences that come along with it. However, this post is about bag styles. HAHA. Okay where is the connection? Well, I’m just saying, there are so many different bags, that it’s almost a shame calling each bag style simply „bag“, right?

I understand, to most of us a bag is a bag. But let us take a moment and appreciate the different bag styles that exist out there and call them by their real names. You might learn to appreciate them more, plus you have new knowledge to brag about, à la „I bought a new bag today… a bucket bag!“. Don’t worry if you do not know their names yet, the guys from Zalando Lounge created a cool infographic with the most important bag styles you should know. In fact, I also had to educate myself a little bit and so I had a look at my favorite bags and tried to distinguish a little bit. Doing that, I realized that most of my bags are rectangle-shaped – I guess that’s mah thiiiiiiing. Even among the rectangly bags, we can differentiate though… so let’s see!


The Shoulder Bag
Zara Krokotasche
The Wristlet Bag
MCM Clutch
The Hobo Bag
Strasse Visetos
The Envelope
Charles and Keith
The Saddle Bag
The Tote Bag

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