How To Make Your Short Leather Skirt Ready for this Winter

Leather skirt

Brrrr – it is already super cold outside here in Copenhagen and, for sure, winter is going to stay for a while. Winter always represents a little challenge in terms of fashion, I believe. Every morning you have to do a trade-off. Do I want to look stylish, or do I want to be warm today? Well, every morning we feel like Drake when he is singing „Can’t have everything; can’t have everything – but I want everything“. In this case though, we might be able to have everything: A stylish and a warm outfit at once. Wanna keep on wearing  your favorite mini leather skirt from fall in winter? Then here is how.

Not every skirt is made for winter

I know you probably feel like you want to wear your flattery jersey or chiffon skirt from summer all-year long, but some materials simply do not work in the cold. You want to wear a skirt in winter, not the vacation outfit you wear at the beach. What works are, for example, skirts made out of leather (or PU leather of course), wool, thick denim or suede. Even though short, at least they will keep your thighs warm. Also, I think it’s simply weird to wear summery materials in winter… you would not put on your wool clothes in summer… well, unless you are one of those people who decide to wear UGGs at the beach…, but I guess (and hope) those times are over.

Who needs pants when you can have overknees

You might think that pants are the best way to keep your legs warm… but from my experience, some good-quality overknees made out of a thick material will keep them even warmer! I truly love my overknees from Konstantin Starke, which are made out of pretty thick suede. The robust material does not let  any fresh air come through, really keeping my legs protected from the cold. Especially in combination with a decent pair of tights (60 Den plus), you will forget that you are not wearing your good old winter pants!

Combine your leather skirt wisely

I admit it, my Mum was absolutely right when she forced me as a kid to wear an „undershirt“ below my pullover in winter. Putting on multiple layers does make more sense than wearing the thickest sweater you can find in your closet, as it stores your body warmth between the layers and prevents the cold wind from going through to your skin. So, when I make my leather skirt winter-ready, I put on a top, a thick pullover and a thick, long coat on top. The best way to go is a coat, which is longer than the skirt, covering the bits of your legs that are showing between the overknees and the skirt. Of course, a scarf, gloves and a wool hat round up your winter-skirt-look!


// I am Wearing:
Leather Skirt* – Edited
Pullover* – Mint & Berry
Overknees* – Konstantin Starke via ZumNorde
Teddy Coat – Abercrombie & Fitch
Bag* – Michael Kors

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