Tone-in-tone with my grey flared plissee pants

grey flared plissee pants

I am a total pants-girl. Maybe it’s because I simply like wearing pants, as they are comfortable and you can just sit in any position you like to sit, haha. But maybe it’s because – nonliterally – I like to wear the trousers. Already back in school I never minded to take on responsibility of a task or lead a group towards a goal. While back then I was not that much aware of my tendencies, in university it became super clear. While others might call it being a control freak, I call it endurance and ambition. You can exercise control in many ways, and yes it can be done super wrong, selfish and can leave others hurt. But control does not necessarily need to carry that negative connotation. I feel lost when I loose control – in no matter what situation in life. So don’t you dare to take my pants away ;)

Anyway, let me go back to praising how amazing these grey flared plissee pants from Mango are. They are super chic, but wearing them gives you a little pyjama feeling – which is actually great. I combined them tone-in-tone with a grey, chunky knit, making them pretty wearable for the colder temperatures. And I decided for black, pointy boots, to really just prevent the look from being to much pyjama-style. However, they are definitely a bit more suitable for spring temperatures, due to their light material. What do you think about them?


// I’m Wearing:
Grey Knit – ZARA
Flared Plissee Pants – Mango
Boots – Zinda
Bag – Stella McCartney


Pullover / Pants / Boots / Bag / Socks grey flared plissee pantsgrey flared plissee pantsgrey plissee pantsgrey flared plissee pantsgrey plissee pants

grey flared plissee pants

grey flared plissee pantsgrey flared pants

grey flared pantsgrey flared pants

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  • Reply
    18. Dezember 2016 at 1:10

    Ich mag diesen lockeren, fluffigen Look total gerne! Sehr schön.

  • Reply
    18. Dezember 2016 at 16:34

    Ein super schöner Look :)
    Die Hose steht dir so gut.

    xx Katha

  • Reply
    7. April 2021 at 23:21

    Beautiful and very elegant.

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