New Denim Styles – How to Style Flared Cropped Jeans

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Remember my post about the Mom-Jeans, in which I mentioned how much I love many of the new denim styles that are more and more finding their way into the shops (well, if not read it here)? Well, apart from the Mom-Jeans, I discovered another new denim style which I really, really like – The Flared Cropped Jeans! And yes I do believe that the majority of people will not agree with me and will probably think now Seriously, Ranim?! I used to wear those when I was 12-years old with colourful embroidery and glitter at the bottom… Fair enough, fair enough… However, the moment I saw these pants from Ivy Revel on the Runway during the Bread & Butter Tradeshow in Berlin, I knew that I had to give it a shot and try them out.

The thing about those „different“ styles, to which we are not used to that much yet, is that you have to be really careful when combining them. The flared cropped jeans dont work with everything – I think it’s especially important to wear shoes with a bit of heels with them, since the cropped shape really shortens your legs.  Also the top should not be too long… the pullover I am wearing is really the longest length I would go with. More optimal would be a shorter top I would say – all for the sake of stretching your legs! It’s really important to collect some inspiration and try out different looks when being experimental with new/disruptive trends. But once you have found the perfect combination, you will be able to turn around so many opinions and become even more confident trying out new styles.


Flared Cropped Pants

Flared Cropped Jeans – Ivy Revel / Oversized Pullover – Edited / Bucket Bag – Coccinelle (similar) / Boots – ZINDA / Choker – ASOS (similar) / Lipstick – Revlon

Flared Cropped Jeans Ivy RevelEdited Official PulloverFlared Cropped Jeans Ivy RevelFlared Cropped JeansEditedofficial pulloverFlared Cropped JeansEditedofficial Herbst 2016ranhelwa-berliunFlared Cropped JeansRed bucket bag

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    24. Oktober 2016 at 18:42

    das Outfit ist großartig!!
    Pulli, Hose und Schuhe sind tolle Basics, die ansich schon was hermachen und die Tasche ist der perfekte Eyecatcher :) ich brauch definitiv eine Jeans-Culotte! kann dich total verstehen.

    Liebe Grüße Katrin

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