Oktoberfest Special – It’s all about the Dirndl!


The Oktoberfest is probably the last thing you would associate me with. After all, I am not the typical German, plus I dont even drink beer! But the Oktoberfest is not only about beer and Currywurst – well, let’s say its more like 90% … with more than 7.4M litres of beer being poured out every year. Like in every big event with loads of people, the residual 10% are about the looks! Yes, there are other important decisions to be made than about what kind of beer you want to drink next, like for example what to wear?! So, this is me taking a fashion-perspective on this topic. While leather pants and a checkered shirt is a must for the male visitors, the traditional clothing for women is the dirndl. It’s super feminin and brings your body in the best shape possible – bye bye little belly, hello pretty décolleté! Today you can find a huge choice of Dirndls to buy from, in all colors and lengths, ranging from low priced to premium priced. I personally think that a Dirndl is such a precious garment that it is definitely worth investing a bit of money in it when deciding to go to the Oktoberfest. A dress like that will last you a couple of Oktoberfest visits when you opt for a higher quality. At the moment many shops have stocked up on their Dirndl selection and I searched a little bit to show you where you could buy some of those beautiful dresses for a reasonable price. I have never been to the Oktoberfest, but if I went, I would probably choose one in a rosé color, because those ones simply look super cute and would match my hair and skincolor best. I have never worn a proper dirndl, but probably it would feel weird in the beginning, being such an exotic-looking person in a dress that is usually associated with blond, German girls. However, I believe just as international as the event is, every girl can wear a dirndl and look supercute in it! ;)


Oktoberfest Dirndl

Dirndl from Krueger Dirndl

Post made in friendly collaboration with Peek&Cloppenburg Düsseldorf


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