The Beautiful Boho Kimono

I’ve always claimed that as soon as I will go abroad, I will use my blog as some sort of travel diary. Well, that has not really worked out that much yet… for many reasons. Everything is better if you experience it through your eyes – not through a camera. As much as I love sharing my adventures with friends and family, at some point you just need to close your eyes and enjoy the moment. Some feelings you cannot capture with a camera. Also, keeping your social media up to date is simply so time consuming. I’ve been shifting my focus to Instagram and Snapchat a lot lately, simply because it is quicker… however, I feel like I am sacrificing quite a bit of quality. I love photography. It is one of the major reasons I started this blog, but now I am just taking photos with my phone. I am torn between enjoying the moment as it is and being a reporter of my own journey; and I ended up compromising by providing lower quality insights.

I am not ready to give up on my blog though. By the end of this month my blog will turn four years old. Four years. And here is what I am going to do: Update you about my daily life through Instagram and Snapchat (@ranhelwa) and getting back to my usual high-quality outfit posts here on my blog. I also found some photographers by now and hope that I can get this baby back to where it was a couple of months ago. And yes, it will be time consuming, but I hope that this plan will ignite my passion for blogging again, so that time does not matter anymore.

As a little start I am showing you an outfit, wearing this beautiful boho kimono, back when I was in Singapore (God, I was so white, haha!!).

// Kimono – ZARA
// Sunglasses – Quay Australia

Kimono_sunglasses Kimono_details

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    10. Mai 2016 at 13:22

    Sehr schön und interessant.

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