Have you heard about Kronaby? – A connected watch.

Kronaby connected watch

Probably most of you dont even know, but I am currently interning at a company that deals a lot with startups. Part of our job is to acquire clients at the many startup events and meetups. So lately I’ve been exposed to so many inspiring founders that discovered a market gap and are trying to fill it creatively, trying to make things easier for all of us. A lot of the ideas are quite abstract and it’s hard to imagine that one day I actually will be using them in my daily life. But then there are other innovations – the ones you can totally see yourself  benefiting from today. One of those startups is Kronaby. A company that I got in contact with through the blog though. And I dont want to be over-enthusiastic, but maybe that sweet connected watch changed my life a little bit.

So, what is a connected watch? You all know the Smart Watch by Apple, which is basically just your phone with a strap and you put it around your wrist. Honestly, it is simply not pretty enough for me to wear, even though it might be practical. A connected watch, like Kronaby, is something inbetween a regular and a smart watch. It looks like a usual watch – needless to say that the design is simply so premium and beautiful – but it has some functionalities of a smart watch. How? Well, the technology inside the watch (sorry cant be any more precise on that, haha) is synchronized with an App through Bluetooth and GPS on your phone, which offers great functions.

Let me get to the point – here are a couple of things you can do with a Kronaby watch:

  • Notifications: There are three different type of vibrations you can set as notifications. Select your contacts from which you want to get a vibration when they call or text you. This also works with app notifications, like from Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook, Calendar etc.  // The vibration is really not annoying, cause its very subtle. You can always customize or turn it off.
  • Fitness: You can set a goal of how many km you wanna walk per day and it tells you the percentage you have have reached. There is also a function called „Get moving“ which alarms you to move when you have been sitting to long on your lazy back ;)
  • Remember this spot: You can save the location where you are at by pressing on your watch directly on your phone. For example restaurants, where you parked your car, etc.
  • Walk me home: This is amazing, especially as a girl when you are out. Select one of your friends as a contact person (s/he needs to download Kronaby Friend App) and send her/him a notification of your location when you are out on your way home – basically, letting them know where you are if they get worried. Also you have a quick function to send that contact person a SOS.
  • Other Quick functions: take a picture with your phone camera, turn music on and off, find phone, timer; date; seconds, alarm …

Plus, the developers of the software are constantly optimizing the functions as well as adding new ones. So, it can only get better!

Stop distractions – Stay focused

All of this sounds amazing, I know, but there is a whole philosophy behind the Kronaby concept. A study has found out that we check our phones 85 times a day on average. Well, I guess in my case its even more. And in maybe 70% of the time, actually nothing new has happened. What a waste of time and constant disruption of workflow. But with the Kronaby watch you can make sure that you get notified when there is something important. Like right now – I am writing this post and I have put my phone far away. I will get notified if I really have to look at it, and dont need to check my phone the whole time. It’s just so cool, I love the idea behind it, and I love that it works for me – that is the little but meaningful life change I told you in the beginning about.

If I made you curious, please go ahead and check out their website. There you also find more information, a video, and all their beautiful models.

Kronaby connected watch Kronaby CaratKronaby connected watch Kronaby connected watch Kronaby connected watchKronaby Carat

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