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New Grunge – Back to Distressed Denim, Band Shirts & Fishnet Tights

New Grunge

February has not been a good blogging month for me – in fact, I had to take a little break due to a very important Master’s Admissions Test, the GMAT, I decided to take end of February. In a nutshell, I did not get the score I was aiming for and now it does not make sense to apply to that particular Business School I needed the GMAT for (Bocconi in Milan). But let me tell why I am not even that sad: I learned something very important, and no, by that I am not implying that I know the squares of all numbers from 1-20 by heart now. I learned that even with hard work, commitment and ambition, you will not always reach your goals. Now this sounds super pessimistic, but the point that I want to make is that we tend to always set higher and higher goals, wanting more and giving ourselves less time to reach those goals. One accomplishment needs to follow after another, without any room for breaks, reflection or even for some failure.

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MBFW Berlin 2017 Day Three – Warm & Stylish

warm & stylish

Day three of Mercedes Benz Fashionweek Berlin has arrived and I had made one major learning from the two days before – Don’t wear light clothes when it’s freezing outside only because you want to look good. And who said you cannot wear something warm & stylish at the same time? Well yes, it’s not impossible but it’s also not that easy. The purpose of warm clothes is functional; they are primarily not supposed to be stylish. This obviously is not always the case but most of the time it certainly is. Anyway, on day three I grabbed the prettiest warm stuff I have and simply started layering. Despite ripped jeans, I must say that this warm & stylish outfit felt like heaven compared to my other two looks the days before. I felt like I could resist Siberian winters, haha.

So, what was on my plan on day three? Networking, networking, networking! I used the day in order to go to a couple of blogger events like the Hashmag Blogger Lounge or the Leck mich am Hashtag Blogger Brunch, where I got in contact with so many nice colleagues plus I was provided with good fooooood. Other than that, I went to the Panorama Trade Show and had a look at the designers‘ new collections. By the way, those trade shows are also the perfect opportunity for bloggers to find new potential collaboration partners. So, for all of you bloggers, I can only recommend visiting those trade shows. I ended the day with a nice dinner with some friends at an Asian restaurant and went to bed at like 10pm. Fashionweek can be pretty exhausting… especially when it’s cold… brrr…. but it was also so much fun and exciting – can’t wait for my next Fashionweek!

// I’m Wearing:
Jacket –
Jeans – Hollister
Net Stockings – no name
Turtleneck – H&M
Boots – &Other Stories

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warm & stylish warm & stylish warm & stylish warm & stylish warm & stylish warm & stylishDesigual_bag

Event Outfit

Fashionweek Berlin AW17 Day Two – Bonjour toujours!

Fashionweek Berlin AW17 Day two was busy, busy, busy! First appointment I had was at the Aveda Hair & Spa Salon to get my hair fixed for the day. I’m always super happy to see the lovely Aveda Team and get a little bit spoiled with their amazing massages and great hair styling skills – obviously. Afterwards I took a cab to the fashionweek venue and enjoyed a day full of great shows incl. Rebekka Ruetz, Maisonnée and Marcel Ostertag. I usually never take cabs cause I’m too cheap to pay for it, but since it was minus degrees outside and I wasnt dressed accordingly, I had no other choice. And no, wearing proper winter clothes was not an option, haha. I knew my immune system hated me for that, but I took enough ginger shots to survive the cold without getting sick.

My outfit for this day was as French as it can get and much different from the first day, which was more edgy. It was the first time for me wearing those ruffle pants, which I found in the Zara Sale. Very reluctant to buy them at first, I am super happy that I eventually did. I feel like these kinds of pants will be big this Spring/Summer. Sooo, I cant wait to wear them without freezing my butt off. However, what made the look really French was the hat, probably the only functional as well as stylish thing I wore that day. Oh well, I guess that is just #fashionbloggerlife ;)

//I’m Wearing
Coat* – Mint & Berry
Pullover* – EDITED
Boots – &Other Stories
Pants – ZARA
Bag – Pinko
Hat* – Mint & Berry

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Fashionweek Berlin AW17 day two Fashionweek Berlin AW17aveda-salon-berlin

Ranim @ Aveda Berlin Fashion Week January 2017 (34) kleinRanim @ Aveda Berlin Fashion Week January 2017 (36) kleinRanim @ Aveda Berlin Fashion Week January 2017 (24) kleinFashionweek Berlin AW17

Marcel_ostertag_aw17 Fashionweek Berlin AW17 Fashionweek Berlin AW17 Maisonnee_aw17

Photos at the Aveda Salon by Caroline Scharff

Event Outfit

Fashionweek Berlin AW17 Day One – Sophisticated Chic

Fashionweek Berlin AW17

I still remember how I felt when I went to my first fashion week in 2013 in Berlin. I was super excited, a little bit nervous but still the happiest girl on earth back then. Being able to be among all those fashion enthusiasts and watching runways shows was one of my major goals back then. I could not believe that my blog actually had made that possible… but it did. It opened up so many possibilities for me, keeping up the motivation to continue blogging. One year later, I again went to fashionweek and was way more confident. I knew how things worked – there was no need to be shy in terms of clothing or networking. The more your outfit catches attention , the better!  In the following years, my studies made it almost impossible to take a break and travel to Berlin for a week. The only thing I’ve done was to go over to Amsterdam Fashionweek for a day in 2015, but that was about it. In 2016, I was back in the fashionweek game when I was on my semester abroad and went to Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Sydney. It made me remember how much I enjoy getting inspired by new collections and aspiring as well as established designers. But most importantly for me was to connect to likewise people and make new friends.

So now that I live in Berlin, there are no barriers to going to fashionweek anymore. After 2.5 years, I finally attended Berlin Fashionweek AW17 again – and I am happy to say that my expectations were not too high. I had an amazing time with great people and of course, great fashion… even though I froze my ass off in my outfits… ;)

// I’m Wearing:
Pullover – ZARA
Skirt – Kookai Australia
Belt – NA-KD
Boots* – Konstantin Starke via Zumnorde
Bag – Stella McCartney

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berlin_fashionweek berlin_fashion_week_2017DannyReinke_Aw17 fashion_week_berlin berlin_fashionweek_2017 fashionweekberlin_day1_2Esther_perbandt_aw17 berlin_fashonweek2017 berlinfashionweek fashionweek_details


In love with my fluffy pink pullover from H&M

Pink Pullover

It’s been quite a while that I took these photos – it was back in October when I went for three days to Milano with Aveda in order to see the Masterjam. It was the first time for me to go to Milan – and what can I say – I loved the city, or at least what I saw of it. To me, the piazza del duomo resembles exactly what comes to my mind when thinking about Italy and Fashion. A place with beautiful, artsy architecture filled with cute italian cafés and big italian brands fashionistas dream of. The stylish people walking around complete this city that well deserves to be called a fashion capital.

You know already the pink pullover that I am wearing on the pictures if you follow me on instagram (@ranhelwa), but in those professional pictures you can really see how amazingly fluffy it is!! It has definitely became one of my major weapons to fight the winter blues. Plus the compliments I get when I wear that pullover also kinda warm up my heart ;)


// I’m Wearing:
Pink Pullover – H&M
Jeans – Topshop
Watch – Armani
Bag – Stella McCartney
Shoes – Zinda



Bag / Jeans / Watch / Pullover / Lipstick / Boots

Pink PulloverPink Pullover Pink Pullover Pink pullover Pink Pullover Pink Pullover Pink Pullover Pink Pullover

Outfit Thoughts

A Calm and Warm New Year’s Eve 2017

New Year's Eve 2017

Every year we go through the same struggle – NYE is approaching and we need to figure out what to do. Preferably it should be something like „going to the best party of the year“. Easy. No pressure. This New Year’s Eve 2017, however, is different for me. There is no party without friends right? Haha, not saying that I dont have any friends, but at this very moment me and all my friends are simply so spread out all over the world that it would be impossible to come together. And yes, it sucks – but I guess that is how it is after graduating. Everyone goes his or her way… But honestly, we all know that New Year’s Eve is never, never, never the best party of the year. So I am not really missing out anyway.

My New Year’s Eve 2017 is going to be great anyway. I will be celebrating with my parents after not having done this for more than 5 years or so. In fact, I will be hanging around with them and their friends at a rented space with loads of food and Arabic music.  Doesn’t sound too bad right? Since I’ve been traveling so much and lived here and there in 2016 it’s actually great to spend those special days with my family.

Anyway, the pictures we took today are different from my usual style of pictures – Samira and Laura from Samieze (Check out their blog!) and I went to this vintage Pub in Berlin called „Damensalon“ and took some pictures there. I barely do indoor shoots and never use the flash, but doing exactly that seemed to be perfect for this look and the feel we wanted to create. How do you like them?

// I’m Wearing:
Top – ZARA
Choker – Topshop
Jeans – ZARA
Jacket – No Name

New Year's Eve 2017 New Year's Eve 2017 New Year's Eve 2017 New Year's Eve 2017